Shaping Fabrication Services in the UAE

IMCC’s Strategy

Project 2020 Vision

Our Strategy

In line with IMCC’s Mission and Vision, IMMC’s overall strategic aspiration is: to be the UAE’s fabrication services provider of choice delivering differentiated services to the oil and gas industry by providing cost-competitive, high-quality project solutions.

The five building blocks of our strategy are to:

1. Be a preferred supplier to customers
2. Deliver cost competitive operational excellence
3. Develop a high performing workforce
4. Increase market share and market segment footprint
5. Broaden our EPC project offerings

A key Strategic Enabler in delivering IMCC’s strategy is the implementation of a new initiative called ‘Project 2020 Vision’.

Project 2020 Vision

The goal of this initiative is to improve operational efficiency in IMCC’s yards, deliver cost-competitive project solutions and to deliver excellence. Our key focus areas include:

Improving automation, current workflow process and technology

Optimise usage, maintenance and improve management of equipment

Pipe production
Enhance workflow and automation in order to increase capacity and competitiveness

Scaffolding, painting and blasting
Utilize the latest technologies to become more efficient and competitive

Pre-fabrication and temporary fabrication aids
Improve current capability to become more productive and competitive

Fabrication assembly
Improve current capability to become more productive and competitive

Craft labour
Hiring and training an efficient and highly qualified workforce

Develop a high performing, motivated and trained core organization

Project execution
Improve processes, systems, tools and work package execution

Rig Refurbishment
Strengthen capability, improve cost competitiveness and utilize our dry dock

Essentially, we want to modernise the business, make it more efficient and find ways to reduce costs in order to be more competitive during the bidding phase and deliver excellence on our projects.